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Wirelessinfo - Czech Republic

WIRELESSINFO is non-profitable Czech association - virtual research institute founded in 2003 by Czech participants on project WIRELESSINFO IST 1999- 21056. WRLS group - only Czech partners from different location and focus. WRLS has a very wide field of activities with a big exploitative research and implementation potential on both on Czech market and European market. Association group a follow partners: Main goals of WIRELESSINFO association are to coordinate activities in research, new development, testing and exploitations of new information systems and technologies for data collection and data transport on the market, which are collective for all members. WRLS has a very wide field of activities with a big exploitative potential on both on Czech Agricultural market and European Agriculture market. Research and development activities in area of agriculture sensors, IST for agriculture and forestry, GIS and SDI, Web services, E collaboration, Sensors, Mobile solution, E learning.

Role in FOODIE

Wirelessinfo will lead Data analysis, modelling and synthesis activities, where it will contribute mainly in Data and model analysis tools as in Decision support framework. WIRELESSINFO will contribute to Service platform specification, where it will lead task Data model specification. Wirelessinfo will contribute to activities related to Service platform integration and deployment in cloud infrastructure, mainly in regards to sensor data and services and in the integration and deployment of platform activities. Wirelessinfo will also contribute to Pilots preparation, execution and evaluation and to Dissemination and Business modelling activities.