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Technology Development Forum (TDF) - Latvia

The Latvian society "Technology Development Forum" - TDF (“Tehnoloģiju attīstības forums”) is semi-public non-governmental research organization strongly linked with industry, founded in 2004. The mission of TDF is to facilitate the development of high-tech innovation and research according to the national and EU programming documents, organise applied research activities and to promote the implementation of innovations and development of high value added production.

TDF is a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Latvia, Latvian Space Technologies Cluster (STC) and the European Network of Living Labs. (ENoLL).

The founders of the TDF are public legal and private persons, who have joined together to promote economic development based on knowledge. TDF founders are: Latvian Academy of Science, Ventspils University, Institute of Physical Energetic, Jelgava City Council, University of Latvia Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMCS) and several physical persons: scientists, researchers and innovation development specialists.


22 TDF’s members have also a broad experience in different applied and fundamental research fields, e.g. development of on-line learning software tools for dissemination of knowledge, design of wireless sensors systems and processing of satellite data and satellite images for GIS applications, GIS developments towards SDI in the areas of tourism, e-governance, rural development and environment protection working for different projects in a variety of organizations in Latvia. Elaboration and maintaining cooperation networks in applied research is one of the tools TDF uses for reaching defined targets and implementing activities according to member interests. TDF has participated in Phare 2002, Phare 2003, Interreg IIIC and IVC, ESF EQUAL, ESF, VIP PSP, Norway and EEA grants’ projects.

Previous experience in interregional cooperation and Structural Funds financed research projects:

  • EC eContentplus programme project “Plan4all” - ”European Network of Best Practices for Interoperability of Spatial Planning Information” ( ). Time scope: 2009-2011.
  • EC CIP programme project: “Rural Inclusion” - “Innovative e-Government Services Lowering Administrative Burdens for Rural Businesses” ( ). Time scope: 2009-2012.
  • EC CIP PSP (Policy Support Programme) projects: BRISEIDE - “BRIdging SErvices Information and Data for Europe” ( Time scope: 2010-2012.;
  • HLANDATA – “Creation of value-added services based on Harmonized Land Use and Land Cover Datasets” ( Time scope: 2010-2013.
  • Central Baltic Interreg IV A programme project BALLAD - „Central Baltic Living Labs For Digital services” ( Time scope: 2010-2012.

Role in FOODIE

Based on its previous practical and technological knowledge and experience, TDF will support the Networking and Dissemination tasks. The proposed solutions will include the integration of sensors and sensor data into the service architecture, and the development of suitable clients’ networks for using them. TDF will participate in Pilot implementation and will also collaborate on the set-up and development of the technological elaborations for Pilots strongly linked with the industry.