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Open Data for Strategic and Tactical planning - Czech Republic

The Czech pilot is focused on improving management of farms, introducing new tools and management methods, entailing the cost optimization path, reduction of environmental burden, improving the energy balance while maintaining production level. This tools and methods will be integrated with current Prefarm (modifying system according additional needs and adding new functionality beyond precision farming). This requires a complex optimization of production. So the goal of project is twofold:

  • introduce new solution on the farm level,
  • build new business for service organisation offering services to the farmers through the cloud and offering them also hardware, necessary for improving farm efficiency.

The purpose of the pilot is creating a complex solution for optimizing crop rotation, selection of optimal management methods, reducing energy consumption in the farm crop production and optimizing farms logistics. This optimization will be based primarily on the analysis of farm processes, analysis of existing data, cost intensity of production of specific crops in specific fields and analysis of movement of agricultural machinery and vehicles, which perform, harvesting, processing and supply.

The pilot 2 will use principles of Collaborative Environment. At the moment an open solution that is able to support the collaboration among actors along the whole value added chain of agriculture services is not available.

The pilot will bring following main innovation:

  • Improving the data management, collecting, integration, and processing.
  • Module for tactical planning of agricultural production (recommending optimal crop for each of the farmer’s field for next season with aim to maximize farmer’s profit and respect various constraints given by farmer’s preferences or objective reasons).
  • Calculating the energy and carbon balance and agri-environmental indicators and optimization model of the energy balance designing a methodology and implementing solutions that will calculate the energy and carbon balance. The solution will consist of three modules:
    • a. Tactical logistics planning with a focus on minimizing machines movement in the farm.
    • b. Operational planning of interventions according to the current situation.
    • c. Long-term analysis of energy potential of waste biomass with a focus on optimizing its use in various technologies.

Data sources

Open Data will play an important role for Czech pilot. The first data sources to be considered will be statistical data coming from Czech Statistica Office, EUROSTAT and FAO about the situation on national, local and global market, data generated by Copernicus and GEOSS.

For energy balance calculation it will be crucial meteorological information, which will be integrated with information from in-situ monitoring on farm level. Open Data regarding weather, soil moisture, temperature will be obtained from Hydrometeorolgical office.

Estimated values obtained

The profit of the farm could be mainly in decreasing of costs of production, approximately 15 percent for arable production.