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Netcad Software Inc. - Turkey

Netcad Software Inc. was founded in 1989. The company develops software and engineering solutions for fields including GIS, mapping, urban planning, agriculture, geology, mining and forestry.

Netcad desktop GIS solutions cover a wide range of services. Netcad currently offers approximately 30 GIS and CAD-based applications for desktop, web, mobile and cloud usage, all compliant with international standards. Netcad tries to maintain its sense of product and service quality at high levels with ISO 9001 quality certificate and CMMI LEVEL 3.

Netcad has developed applications in Turkish, English and Russian for over 20000 license-holders and more than 100000 legal users around the world. In addition, Netcad products are being used as subject matter of courses in 462 departments in 82 universities. The market share of the solutions of Netcad technologies provided for public authorities, municipalities and private sector throughout Turkey has reached 85%. Netcad, ranking number 136 in the ‘500 Largest IT Companies’ listing for 2012, number 24 in the Turkey centered manufacturer category, number 5 in the Turkey centered manufacturer-software and number 7 in the list of top 20 companies according to the sectoral software income.

Netcad worked with Parsineh Tarhe Atieh (PTA) in the agriculture project in Iran to provide solutions to agricultural sources management in Golestan province. In this project, agricultural inventory information were extracted and presented to the institution in a manageable structure by a web-based GIS solution. As a result of study about monitoring the farmers, a solution providing any type of information by querying and the analysis of the distribution of resources was produced. Currently, Netcad works in the estimation of harvest with respect to wheat, rice and barley with its remote sensing solutions.