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MJM Litovel, a.s. – Czech Republic

Established in 1991, MJM is a stable and reliable partner for large agricultural businesses, farms and small growers. The company is able to provide all crop solutions, including variable application of fertilizers and pesticides.

MJM also successfully deals with trade in commodities; it is one of the most important specialists in the purchase and sale of herbal products. These activities involve processing raw materials from the initial purchase through to the latest certification of quality in laboratories, treatment, and finally sales to customers. The company is able to process commodities at the mill or process them into a wide range of feed mixtures according to the individual requirements and needs of the breed.

MJM offers all kinds of fertilizers, plant protection products, animal feed, seeds, and a large selection of grower equipment. These products are offered through a team of qualified sales managers. Purchases can be linked with modern machinery and agroservices which the company owns. Sales to small farmers is provided for in a chain of stores and through an online e-shop.

Using proprietary technology in precision agriculture, MJM is involved in the formation of our countryside and the protection the environment. The main benefit of custom precision farming under the brand PREFARM ® is an efficient use of fertilizers, increased revenues, and stable production quality. Conclusions from long-term monitoring show a positive influence from controlled variable application of agricultural chemicals to the farming economy.

Comprehensive services for partners in agriculture is complemented by the sale and distribution of fuel.

Role in FOODIE

MJM as end user will contribute mainly to Service platform specification activities and will contribute to analysis of stakeholders requirements and in the pilot execution activities. It will also contribute to local community building and to business modelling. It will play also important role in dissemination activities in Czech Republic.