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The Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) is s one of the three specific instruments of the Competitiveness and Innovation framework Programme (CIP).

The ICT PSP is addressed to the achievement of Digital agenda for Europe priorities, one of the seven flagship initiatives of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

The ICT PSP main objective is supporting a smart sustainable and inclusive growth by driving an extensive uptake of innovative digital technologies and encouraging their better use by citizens, governments and businesses. The ICT PSP fosters all the activities aimed at creating a favourable environment for developing ICT based services and contributing at overcoming the lack of interoperability and market fragmentation.

The ICT PSP work programme for 2013 is focused on 5 themes:

  • Cloud of public services and smart cities;
  • Digital content, open data and creativity;
  • ICT for health, ageing well and inclusion;
  • Trusted eServices;
  • Open objective for innovation and other action.

For further information relating to this operational programme, please refer to the:
ICT PSP web site.